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Own your own piece of history with an antique, classic boat from Absolute Classics. You’ll find virtually every classic brand of classic boat, including Chris-Craft, Riva, Century, Shepherd, Garwood, Hacker-Craft, Grand-Craft, Stan-Craft, and more. We want to be your partner on your classic boat quest. Our dedicated team will help you find the right boat at the right price, so you can share a piece of the history with the next generation. If you are looking for a boat, and want to get an insight of what is in our inventory, email us at:

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Antique, Classic and Vintage wooden Boats of all makes, models, styles and sizes.
Chris-Craft1947 CHRIS-CRAFT 17' DELUXE
Sale price $26,500.00 USD
Staudacher1986 Staudacher 21' Runabout
Sale price $69,000.00 USD
Elgin1963 Elgin 15' Outboard
Sale price $7,499.00 USD
Century1967 CENTURY CORONADO 21'
Sale price $59,000.00 USD
Chris-Craft1951 CHRIS-CRAFT 18' Riviera
Sale price $35,900.00 USD
Garwood1929 28' Garwood Triple Runabout
Sale price $149,900.00 USD
Shepherd1966 - Shepherd - 22' Runabout
Sale price $55,000.00 USD
Chris-Craft1948 CHRIS-CRAFT 18' Utility
Sale price $21,500.00 USD
Chris-Craft1960 CHRIS-CRAFT 17' Ski Boat
Sale price $18,000.00 USD
Chris-Craft1950 CHRIS-CRAFT 18' RIVIERA
Sale price $38,000.00 USD
Chris-Craft1952 CHRIS-CRAFT 18' Riviera
Sale price $35,000.00 USD
Commando1961 COMMANDO 14' U2
Sale price $6,995.00 USD

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North America’s Classic Boat Brokerage

Absolute Classics sources the finest of classic, vintage boats to help people make memories and fulfill their dream of owning a piece of history. We’ll answer any questions you have about a particular make and model of boat. We also have photos, documentation, and history of the boat from the previous owner so you can be happy with the boat you are purchasing.

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North America’s Classic Boat Brokerage

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Our listings are straight from the owner. As your broker, we bring you exclusive access to freshly listed boats.

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You will find starter boats for a great price, which just need a little bit of time, parts, and expertise. You will also find boats that are ready to go win shows.

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Our brokerage fee is small, keeping your price of the final boat close to market value.

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With more than 33 years of experience spanning two generations, Absolute Classics can answer any questions that you have about any boat, and help you get behind the wheel of a piece of history.