Listing your classic boat with us

There is a sea of choices (pun intended) out there to sell your vintage boat, so you're likely asking yourself which of the options to go with. Our goal here at Absolute Classics is to provide you with great service, exposure to as many potential buyers as possible and get you a fair price for your classic mahogany boat. We have been in the industry since 1989, so we know anything classic with wooden boats being our specialty. We can help you get the most from your treasured classic - as for most of us they're a beloved member of the family. We're tuned into the classic boating industry so we can help you set an accurate price and make sure both you and the buyer end up happy. There is more to the process of brokering & selling a wooden boat than a lot of people realize - from paperwork to border crossings and shipping concerns.. it all adds up quickly and we'd love to  help guarantee that your boat ends up in the right hands with as little stress to you as possible!

Tips for listing a Classic or Vintage Mahogany Boat:

Information. The more the better, providing useful, fact filled information about the boat can drastically increase buyer engagement! We can help you fill out some of the technical information regarding your boat - but things like history, stories or anecdotes about the boat can go a long way from making your boat "just another boat" on a listing. We find a lot of customers love the idea of being the next caretaker of a special boat - or just want to add another chapter in the history of the boat.

Documentation. Do you have documentation about the restoration of the boat? Pictures and invoices can go a long way in showing the value of the work you have had done. Having your paperwork, title, trailer VIN etc ready to go is key! Any documentation we can pass onto a potential buyer greatly helps smooth out the process and move your classic wooden boat from "for sale" to sold.

Photos. The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" comes to mind, but in reality it is more than that. High quality photos of your boat will do wonders in terms of generating interest in your classic boat. The larger the photos the better - images can be "scaled down" if needed but "scaling up" doesn't work as well. While it's nice to have some photos of the boat over the years the bulk of these photos need to be current - show the boat as it is today, not 5 years ago. That way a potential customer can see the boat as it sits today.

Video. We can post video on the site via YouTube - even a quick current video taken from your cell phone can really show off a boat. You don't need to be in the video or even talk if you're shy - simply walk around the boat and show off your boat in all it's glory! Fire up the engine if you can - people love to hear the old V8 and flat head engines run! Modern cellphones have amazing cameras built in - use it to show the best of your boat and any little imperfections you might want a potential buyer to know about. A high resolution video we can post on Youtube of your classic Chris-Craft then embed into the listing really increases the reach of the listing - simply put it will sell quicker and likely for more money than without a video to show off the boat in its current glory!

Marine Survey. We always recommend that a potential buyer get a marine survey done by an impartial 3rd party. If you already have a current survey completed - we can pass that onto the buyer to help them make a decision, although they may want their own survey done. If you don't have a Survey be ready for the buyer to request one. We always help the buyer arrange the survey - but we ask them to keep the survey findings private. That way we can remain impartial to the condition of the classic boat and make sure both the buyer and seller end up with a fair deal.

Submitting your boat for sale:

There are a few ways to go about this, depending on which option feels the best for you. Contacting us directly to sell your wooden boat @ 1-833-762-0001 and press 1 for sales if you'd prefer to speak directly to a live person.

Call us directly to sell your wooden boat: If you'd rather speak directly to our sales team give us a call at: 1-833-762-0001 then press 1. We're open 9-5 M-F PST

Fill out our online form: If you've already got information and photos organized you can also fill out out our online form. Once we receive the submitted form we will reach out to you directly with the contact information provided and start the process of getting your wooden boat listed for sale.

Click here for the online form

Email us your information: Our sales team can be contacted via email to submit your wooden boat for sale. Note: If attaching pictures / videos directly to the email if the file size is large it might be rejected. If so please send via or another similar service.