Install proper ventilation systems to keep air flowing through your boat. Regular air flow will help people breathe more easily, making a boat ride more enjoyable. Moving air is also cooler than resting air, which allows everyone onboard to regulate their temperature on a warm day. Proper ventilation can also reduce the chance of mold and mildew forming on the interior, perhaps closed off portions of your boat. Mold and mildew can make your friends and family feel ill, and preventing these growths is the easiest way to keep your boat clean.

Many people are hesitant to install a ventilation system on their boat as they worry it may be heavy and offset the balance of a small boat. Ventilation systems can also be expensive, so consider your budget when looking at your options.

Remember that it can get stuffy, hot, and uncomfortable below a boat's deck. If your boat includes a walled-in area with places to sit or sleep, this is a prime location to install a ventilation system. If you plan to spend many long hours on your boat, proper ventilation may be a safety requirement instead of just a convenience, especially midday in the summer.

If space is a concern, we suggest you try a small vent like the Mini-Vent 1000 White. This tiny vent doesn't take up much room and is solar powered, making it cost-efficient. You can efficiently ventilate your space at the hottest time of the day and stay within a budget. Our plastic mushroom-style vent is another tiny vent that can easily fit on your boat to provide proper ventilation in your space.