You don't always need to contact a professional to handle a simple job. Save money by taking on simple boat maintenance yourself. If you consistently care for your boat, you will be able to keep it in excellent condition for years, often at little cost to you.

Use abrasive sanding sponges for wet or dry sanding on your boat. Sand your boat before applying new paint or when you need to remove signs of oxidation. Wet sanding your boat will take about 6 hours, and if you follow your sanding project by buffing your boat, this will add another 12 hours of work. However, you will surely see that the results are worth it when your ship shines like new. If you add a sealer after buffing, you can maintain the shine for a long time.

If you want the best way to finalize a polishing, use a Foam Ultrafine Polishing Pad to remove any faint marks left behind. These small polishing pads make them perfect for polishing small spaces that are typically difficult to reach. Also, consider using a gel coat restorer if your boat's shine has faded over the years and you wish to return it to its vibrant splendor.

Don't skimp on personal safety equipment. Consider reliable earplugs, earmuffs, masks, and eyewear to protect your face while you work. Loud machinery can permanently damage your hearing. Prolonged exposure to chemical fumes can leave you lightheaded. Protective eyewear will shield your eyes from flying bits of plastic if you drill or cut into your boat parts.