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These are the newest listings just added to Absolute Classics. These listings include boats from all over North America. Shop vintage, classic, antique boats of all brands here at North America's best classic boat brokerage.

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Here is our selection of newly listed boats. Everything from Vintage Wooden and Fiberglass runabouts, Cruisers, Outboards, Sailboats and Raceboats. Many brands from  Chris-Craft, Riva, Lyman, Dodge, Gar-Wood, Hacker-Craft, Century and Shepherds for sale.

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Staudacher1986 Staudacher 21' Runabout
Sale price $69,000.00 USD
Sold / Out Of Stock
1952 CHRIS-CRAFT 17' Special Runabout
Sold / Out Of Stock
1954 32' Staudacher Hydroplane "My Sweetie"
Commando1961 COMMANDO 14' U2
Sale price $6,995.00 USD
Chris-Craft1952 CHRIS-CRAFT 18' Riviera
Sale price $35,000.00 USD
Sold / Out Of Stock
Chris-Craft1956 CHRIS-CRAFT 21' CAPRI
Sale price $12,000.00 USD
Chris-Craft1950 CHRIS-CRAFT 18' RIVIERA
Sale price $38,000.00 USD
Chris-Craft1960 CHRIS-CRAFT 17' Ski Boat
Sale price $18,000.00 USD
Chris-Craft1948 CHRIS-CRAFT 18' Utility
Sale price $23,000.00 USD
Sold / Out Of Stock
1947 Visel-Moore Vintage Hydroplane
Visel1947 Visel-Moore Vintage Hydroplane
Sale price $95,000.00 USD
Garwood1929 28' Garwood Triple Runabout
Sale price $149,900.00 USD
Sold / Out Of Stock
1948 Ventnor Vintage Hydroplane 'Ollies Folly'
Chris-Craft1951 CHRIS-CRAFT 18' Riviera
Sale price $35,900.00 USD
Chris-Craft1951 CHRIS-CRAFT 18' RIVIERA
Sale price $39,500.00 USD
Sold / Out Of Stock
Chris-Craft1965 CHRIS-CRAFT CAVALIER 16'
Sale price $12,500.00 USD
Shepherd1966 - Shepherd - 22' Runabout
Sale price $85,000.00 USD
Sold / Out Of Stock
Chris-Craft1957 CHRIS-CRAFT CAPRI 19'
Sale price $26,000.00 USD

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