Looking to list your classic wooden boat for sale with us? We have a few options available for brokerage. There is no charge to list your boat for sale - however we do request a commissions at the point of sale. Listings are welcome to remain active as long as you'd like. We also offer our services as non-exclusive - in return we only ask if you sell your boat to let us know.
Classic Wooden Chris-Craft Boat - Chrome Ships Horn

Commission structure: We offer two options

- 10% commission with a minimum amount of $1000 to us as the broker.
- Net to Seller - You tell us how much you'd like to see net in your pocket when the deal is done. When we can get you an offer that matches what you requested any additional money is our commission as the broker.
In our experience both of the options are roughly a 50 / 50 split in terms of which a customer prefers.

If you'd rather speak directly to our team directly give us a call at: 1-833-762-0001 then press 1. We're open 9-5 M-F PST
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