No matter what size your boat is, the importance of clean water and precise plumbing cannot be overstated. Keep your boat's pipes clear so water can easily flow through. If you have owned your ship for several years, it may be time to wash your pipes thoroughly.

Before you cast off from shore, test your pipes. It's always best to try your equipment before leaving the dock. If your boat has a toilet, confirm you can flush and wash your hands. Turn on your shower and take notice of how the water flows. If it doesn't drain appropriately because your boat stays tilted to one side, you may want to adjust your boat's balance or even redesign your shower floor.

Be sure you have working bilge pumps & switches to remove waste from your boat and cycle clean water through. A working plumbing system is vital if you plan to be on the water for several days or even just an entire day. You don't want to discover at the worst time that you can't relieve yourself and wash up with clean water. Waste holding tanks are also a crucial feature of any boat that includes a toilet, so be sure you have a proper place to store yours. Clean it regularly. Absolute Classics can help you replace your tank when you need to.

Plumbing is also about style, not just function. If you dislike your sinks and faucets, consider changing them for a brand new look. We offer both oval and rectangle sinks that can fit many standard counters, and we can help you find a faucet head that fits your boat's interior perfectly.