Boating equipment isn't limited to ropes and anchors. Handrails, windshield wipers, and ladders are just a few crucial pieces of equipment you shouldn't overlook when upgrading your boat. A swimmer may slip and fall if you have a faulty ladder, step, or swim platform. This person may bang their knees, arms, or head against the back of the boat, which can cause severe injury or death if they receive a heavy hit and slip under the water afterward. If your swim platform is not firmly attached, a swimmer may struggle to board your boat. Absolute Classics can help you find a new ladder and swim platform that perfectly fits your craft's size, balance, and aesthetic.

Keep your boat safe by installing handrails for balance. A strong wind can come from nowhere and tip your boat to one side. A handrail can keep you from tipping over. You can also tie a rope to handrails to hold items or your boat steady at a dock. Additionally, you can use rails for hanging towels to dry.

If you have a hefty boat, you may need additional boating parts to fit your windows, curtains, and blinds in their proper place. Check your sliding window stops to be sure they aren't loose. When your boat shifts, it may cause unlocked windows to slide open or shut. This can result in pinched fingers when windows close. When the window is open, wind, rain, and waves may get inside your boat and damage any paper and electronics that aren't waterproof.