You can outfit your boat with a variety of electronics and navigation equipment. Every boater's preferences will be different. For example, a fishing boat is much more likely to require a high-quality fishfinder than a motorboat for leisure. If you often travel to new places to use your boat for pleasure cruising, you are more likely to desire a GPS on your boat than if you only take your boat to one lake to fish.

If you aren't sure what electronics you should opt for for your boat, we can help. At Absolute Classic, we stock several fishfinders, including the Fishfinder-Portable DM Color and the less expensive Fishfinder-Portable Dot Matrix. The latter provides the same information without color viewfinder. We also offer multiple in-dash digital depth & temperature gauges to help determine if you are approaching shallow water. We can even help you find electronic TV televisions & mounts.

Our favorite Simrad Multifunction Display is an excellent addition to any boat. In fact, for many new ships, they are included as a standard feature. These displays convey helpful information, including built-in GPS, sonar depth sounders, and fishfinder capabilities. Some Simrad Multifunction Displays are suited for small, simple crafts owners that only need a single screen to help them keep their bearings in the water. However, there are also Simrad displays designed for large boats, such as yachts and cruise ships, to provide various information for all your needs. Once you start browsing, you are sure to find a display that's right for you.