Boats are vehicles that are just as powerful as cars, and there are a variety of incidents that can occur while piloting one. Recreational boating accidents cause a high number of fatalities every year. Be sure you equip your boat with plenty of safety features to protect you and your fellow boat riders. If you have recently purchased a boat, consider having it inspected by a boat safety expert. Doing so may save your life.

Boat safety goes beyond stocking your boat with life vests. Before you leave the dock, test how well your boat functions in the water. Check all your equipment to ensure it is running accurately. If you experience any issues, solving them will be much easier while you are near the shore, with your car and other people. If your motor fails, you don't want to get lost in a lake by yourself. 

Absolute Classics offers assorted safety equipment, including:

  • High-quality life jackets
  • First-aid kits to treat injuries
  • Pest repellant
  • Air horns to signal other watercraft
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Paddles and oars
  • Hooks
  • Clamps
  • And more

Consider taking a boat safety course to learn more about piloting your boat safely. Safety courses are typically affordable, sometimes as little as $10-$15, and you may learn invaluable information too. You can complete a safety class in about seven days. Although a boat safety course is not required before you put your craft in the water, you should take time to become familiar with the essential safety features of your boat. Also, keep orange flags on board to signal to other ships when one of your swimmers is in the water.