It's up to you if boat tops are worth investing in, but we believe boat covers to be an essential component for your boat instead of a mere accessory. Boat tops protect your boat from dirt, dust, mold, and other unwanted grime. A cover will shield your boat's fabric interior so the colors won't quickly fade in the sun. If you protect your boat from the sun and weather, you'll also see fewer cracks forming on the fabric and other parts of your boat. Additionally, using boat covers with secure tops makes it less likely that wild animals will nest inside your boat during the off-season. Finding bird and other animal waste inside your boat right before you climb inside it at the lake is a sure way to dampen your spirits.

Our Boat Cover 22'-24' 300D is a large, weather-resistant tarp that's easy to use. You can safely store your boat under this tarp long-term, as the rear air vents allow moisture to escape, so mildew doesn't form. We also include trailering straps. Tying the tarp is simple, and you can quickly release all the buckles and straps yourself, making a boat cover like this an ideal choice for anyone who believes they may need to cover and uncover their boat single-handedly.

You can also use plastic shrink wrap to protect your boat from the elements. Plastic boat tops are lightweight and easy to use but thick enough to provide the same protections as a heavy-duty cover. Plastic shrink wrap boat covers can quickly become expensive since they are not always easy to reuse, but they may be a worthwhile investment if you only use your boat occasionally.