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We have over 31 years of experience restoring & brokering classic Mahogany boats.

We are a brokerage and restoration shop for classic wooden boats, modern mahogany boats and everything in between... If you've got a Chris-Craft, Riva, Century, Shepherd, Garwood, Hacker-Craft, Grand-Craft, or Stan-Craft, we have got you covered.

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Boathouse Blog

Customized 1957 Capri off to it's new home

Customized 1957 Capri off to it's new home

A few weeks ago we delivered the completed 1957 Capri to its new home and happy owners. At their request we delayed showing the photos as they wanted the big reveal to create a bit of a splash. Thi...
We made the news!

We made the news!

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have Jasmine King from Global News stop by to interview Artem and a few members of our crew for a piece on how he ended up working for us after leaving the Ukraine...
Why Boats are a Great Investment in a Tough Economy

Why Boats are a Great Investment in a Tough Economy

The economic outlook for the rest of the year and throughout 2023 depends upon who you talk to. Some economists predict that the looming recession will be minor. Others believe that the downturn wi...

Classic Boat Restoration

Work With Absolute Classics Marine To Restore Your Classic Boat

Are you looking for a classic boat restoration? Absolute Classics is the leading wooden boat restoration shop for show-winning work in North America. With over 30+ years of classic boat restoration in North America, we work on classic brands, ranging from Chris-Craft to Century. With major shows under our belt, such as Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance, we are the authority when it comes to classic boat restorations. Our restoration service brings remarkability from the past back to your classic boat and makes your boat timeless so it can be enjoyed by generations to come.