If you don't have a proper boat trailer hitch, your beloved boat is just a pretty yard decoration. Finding the best trailer hitch for your truck or SUV shouldn't take long, but it is a crucial aspect of boat ownership. Learn to hitch your boat correctly, so you won't risk it slipping loose while pulling it up a hill. If you are new to boat ownership, you may be interested in our vehicle & trailer alignment tool, which makes hitching your boat easy, even if you're doing it on your own. This tool includes a magnetic base for extra security.

For added safety and security, consider attaching warning light pods to your vehicle that allow you to signal to other motorists when you are backing up or turning. These lights can shine brightly even in heavy rain or snow and may be much more effective than your vehicle's default headlights. You can also protect your boat from dents and dings by installing heavy-duty mud flaps on the back of your vehicle.

When parked, stabilize your boat trailer tires with a wheel stop that will eaily lock your tires in place. This accessory can keep your boat from rolling backward, possibly saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages if you park on a hill and the weight of your ship drags your car away.

Finally, a universal tow mirror that gives you a much better view of your load and nearby cars is one of the best trailer towing accessories you can add to your vehicle. When pulling a boat, backing up and shifting lanes becomes more challenging than you may expect. We recommend you practice driving your boat in a familiar area while you practice shifting lanes and making turns.