TRUECharge2 10A: 12V Battery Charger



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20 amp and larger models offer parallel stacking when combined with the 808804001 remote panel. This allows them to work together to combine and double their output current for large battery banks. Amps 10 Banks 2 Volts 12 Size 2.7" x 5.4" x 8.8"
  • Lightweight, ultra-compact, universal chargers

  • Handles input voltage range from 90-265 VAC, 47-63 Hz so it's compatible with a generator, poor-quality power, or foreign travel

  • Settings for flooded, gel, AGM or lead-calcium batteries

  • Parallel stacking enables two chargers to work together to combine the output achieving up to 120A for large battery banks

  • Built-in battery equalization feature

  • Drip-proof design characteristics enable the charger to be mounted in multiple directions

  • Meets CE/EMC, ABYC, UL1564 and UL1236 with marine supplement standards


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