Shields Marine Corrugated Blue Series 262 Silicone Water Exhaust 12-1/2' Hose


1 1/4"COR SILCN WTR/EXH12 1/2'

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Shields Nautiflex Corrugated Silicone Exhaust Hose has a blue silicone tube and cover with a smooth finish for easy cleaning. Corrugated cover allows the hose to bend for easy installation. The Nautiflex, two ply construction, has wire reinforcement captured between fabric plies and will not collapse under suction or in a bend. Primarily used for main engine exhaust, generator exhaust, engine coolant circulation, engine intake and generator intake. Resistant to exhaust fumes, ozone, mild chemicals, antifreeze and saltwater. Remains stable at elevated temperatures. Temperatures ranges from -20°F ? +350°F. Meets SAEJ2006 Type R2 and ISO 13362:2004 ? Type 1 - Class B standards. Bend Radius = 4 x I.D. ID 1-1/4" OD 1-45/64" Length 12-1/2'


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