Seachoice Ultra Shrink Jet Flameless Butane Heat Tool (Fuel Not Included)



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Size 7-1/2" Color Blue (Handle)

Price is per unit.Also available in a case of 1 The high output flameless heat gun designed for industrial applications where versatility and power are a must. The flameless tool is safe to use in environments where vapors may be present or flames are prohibited. Included deflector attachment evenly distributes heat making heat shrink tubing installation faster. Leave the extension cords behind with this portable ergonomic heat tool.
Features Include:
  • Automatic Piezo ignition system

  • Deflector & stand attachments circulates heat evenly and provides safe hands-free option

  • 1400? F Hot output the best tool for heavy duty flameless applications

  • Tool ships with no fuel
. Please call us if interested in case pricing.


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