Seachoice 46391 Fume: Fire & Flood Detector



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Fume: Protection against accidents caused by gas/propane spills or leaks.
Fire: Thermal sensor alarms when fire conditions exist.
Flood Detector: Alerts you to bilge flooding and pump problems. Description Surface Mount Size ?3-1/4" W x 2-3/4" H x 3/4" D Color Black

Price is per unit.Also available in a case of 10
  • Sight and Sound alarm indicator. Dual signaling sounds an alarm/activates warning light

  • Smart Fume Sensor - Detects the build up of explosive gases

  • Thermal Sensor - Monitors for high heat and heat from fire

  • Water Sensor - Monitors bilge for high water

  • On/Off/Test for one touch analysis of detector performance. Exclusively designed for the harsh marine environment

  • 20' cable included
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