Scandvik Aba 304 Stainless Steel Mini Clamps: Size 12


MINI CLAMP 304 11.5-13MM 10/BX

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The lug for the screw and nut are made of cold rolled strip stainless steel to resist deformation whenever the nut is tightened. The band and screw are 304 stainless steel to withstand the corrosive marine environment. To prevent the band tongue underneath from being deformed and causing leakage, it is designed with a formed section. The nut is retained in the lug, even when the screw has been removed. The hexagonal screw head may be tightened using the ABA flexible driver. Rounded edges that ensure the clamp grips the hose firmly but gently. Size 12 Min 11.5 mm Max 13 mm Band 9mm Box 10


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