Pro Series 1000H Horizontal SS Windlass


WINDLASS PRO 1000 5/16"G4

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Convenient above deck installation. Kit includes: windlass, base gasket seal, fast mounting studs, installation wrench, toggle switch & circuit breaker. Model PS 1000, 5/16" G40/43 Kit Boat Size 30'-45'
  • Power In, power out with emergency manual freefall

  • 100% 316 Stainless steel case

  • 12V motor provides fast line speeds

  • Manual recovery with a standard 1/2" socket ratchet

  • Above deck installation, easy to install

  • 5 year warranty

6-7mm (1/4") Kit: Rope: 12mm (1/2") 3-strand and 8-plait. Chain:6mm DIN 766, 7mm DIN 766, 1/4" ISO G4, 1/4" BBB
5/16" Kit: Rope:14-16mm (9/16-5/8") 3-strand and 8-plait (5/8 only) Chain: 5/16" G40/43


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