Lewmar Ocean/NTR Sail Drilled Plunger Track: Size 1



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Beam Track: Used when spanning cockpits and across companion way hatches. Three fixing bolts should always be used either side of the span and washers fitted under the head of the bolt and between track and deck. Some beam track can only use metric fasteners. Aluminum.
Sliding Bolt Track: Smooth clean profile with no visible fixings and can be retro-fitted using original bolt holes ? no need to worry about old track pattern holes matching up with a new track. The track is designed to permit a washer to fit on each bolt between the track and deck to ensure a secure seal. Aluminum.
Drilled Plunger Track: Commonly used and particularly useful where through deck fixing is not possible, such as in double skinned boats, where fixing bolts are trapped into a plate in the deck. Aluminum.
T-Track: Widely used on cruising boats where car sheeting positions change infrequently. Aluminum Description Size 1 Drilled Plunger Track Size 0.5"H x 0.9"W x 6'8"L


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