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All of Scandvik's LED Replacement Bulbs come in retail packaging (clamshell with informational insert).
Unless specified, all LED bulbs are 10 - 30 Volts DC, meaning they work with 12 volt and 24 volt systems. You will find all of the most popular base types: G4, Bayonet (BA15d - BAY15d - BA15s), Festoon, Wedge, and MR16 style.
Socket Adapters are also available to convert your Bayonet socket to a G4 socket, which provides a larger selection of LED Replacement Bulbs.
Scandvik uses the newest LED technology which means brighter & more efficient LED products - equating to low Amp draw and low operating temperature. Type Festoon 42mm, 360° Navigation (use with red or green lens) LEDs 30 Color Warm White Volts 12/24 Watts 2.5 Amps .30


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