Hubbell YQ230 Yellow Intelligent "Y" (1) 50A 125V/250V Female to (2) 30A 125V Male Adapters


Y ADAPTER 50A/250V FROM 2/30

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YQ230: Safely powers a 50A, 125/250V AC boat from two 30A, 125V AC receptacles at dockside.
Note: The YQ230 Adapter will only work with two 30A receptacles that are on different phases.

YQ100PLUS: Safely powers a 100A, 125/250V AC boat from two 50A 125/250V AC receptacles at dockside -or- from a single 50A 125/250V AC receptacle acting as a single adapter.
Note: The YQ100PLUS Adapter must be plugged into two 50A, 125/250V AC receptacles that are on the same phase to achieve 100 amp, 125/250 volts power -or- the "A" leg 50A male into a single 50A, 125/250V AC receptacle to achieve 50 amp, 125/250 volts power. Female (Boat) (1) 50A 125/250V Male (Dock) (2) 30A 125V


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