110TT 12V Thruster Kit: 1.5kW



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Model 110TT 1.5 kW Description Complete Thruster Kit, 4-1/3" x 29.5" (110 x 750mm) Tunnel (Composite gearbox) Thrust 62 lbs. Volts 12 HP 2.0
  • Total control of your boat when docking and departing regardless of wind or current

  • No reservoir to install, no leaks and no maintenance

  • High integrity seal

  • Black box electronics protect motor

  • Hardened, ground spiral bevel gear for maximum efficiency & quiet operation

  • Self resetting thermal protection on all motors

  • Easy plug together switch connections

  • Minimum silhouette hub for smooth water flow

  • Includes a spline driven, high performance, 5-blade prop with equal thrust in both directions

A complete system Requires a thruster unit, control panel, control cable, fuse holder, fuse and tunnel.
Complete Thruster kits Include: TT Thruster, fuse and fuse holder, wiring harness, cable & basic joystick control (110TT kit only: includes Tunnel, tunnel sold separately for 140TT kit).


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