SeaDog 150088 Locking Asymmetrical Snap & Eye Insert: 316 Stainless Steel:  3-1/8"



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Designed to place more of the load on the stronger, non-gate side which significantly increases the breaking strength over traditional rounded style snap hooks. The offset body style allows greater gate clearance, increasing the passage area into the snap. The eye insert provides a secure attachment to lines for use on harnesses, fishing lines, mooring buoy lines, etc. The barrel locking gate locks automatically when released, greatly reducing the possibility of accidental opening. Locking cylinder also reduces wear on the rope and allows for one-handed operation. Formed 316 stainless steel. A 5/16" B 3-1/8" C 3/8" D 1/2" Break Strength 2300 lbs. Pkg. Bulk


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