Attwood 8838HM6 Universal Sprayless Connector - Male Hose Fitting w/Pre-applied Thread Sealant



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The Universal Sprayless Connector is a safe way to eliminate the spraying of fuel when connecting and disconnecting pressurized fuel hoses during fueling or maintenance. It replaces traditional tank fittings and eliminates spray when connecting or disconnecting fuel fittings. It also comes with a pre-applied fuel grade thread sealant for added convenience. Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels. Female hose fitting compatible with 3/8" and 5/16" fuel lines. 2-Year Warranty.
8838US6 kit Includes: Male and female connections for use on marine fuel tanks with 1/4" fittings and thread sealant.. Connector Hose Male fitting 5/16"-3/8"


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