A review of Classic vs Replica Mahogany Speedboats

We had a European client in the other day who reviewed the Vintage Speed boats we had under restoration.  He was astonished by the amount of work required to take a derelict old boat and restore it to it’s original condition.  He asked, “Why would you go to all that effort to restore what appears to be a hopeless undertaking when you could simply start from scratch and build a replica?”  I have been asked this many times and my answer is always the same.  “Its about provenance, the legacy of the builder and in some cases the story that surrounds the boat being restored.”  By far, most boats under restoration were built by Chris-Crafts, which still holds its position as the most famous boating brand in existence.  It has been in business for well over 100 years and without question, has produced more innovative boat designs than any other manufacturer.  This is the company that made pleasure boating a lifestyle and over the decades attracted the Who’s Who of boating.  There are endless stories of the privileged who owned Chris-Crafts and today it is the boat vs the original owner that survive.

Investing in a classic speedboat is not unlike investing in a classic car or motorcycle.  You are buying a piece of history from a time when quality and style were highly valued.  The demand for these unique modes of transportation continues to rise while supply falls and that bodes well for one’s investment portfolio.  One could argue it cost the same to restore a Classic Speed boat and a Replica but the latter consistently falls short in value over time.  Absolute Classic Marine is well positioned to not only restore your dream boat, but also help you buy a Classic Speedboat with great potential.


We specialize in Vintage Speed boats but also market Contemporary Classics and retro styled runabouts. Contact us with your wish list and we will provide you with a portfolio of choices that meet your needs.